Hemp is your food, your shelter, your clothes and so much more.

Become a friend of hemp today and help us grow awareness of hemp for our future. 

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Friends of Hemp

Friends of Hemp is set up as a Non Profit Organization (NPO), the 501c3 Foundation partnered with Global Hemp Association.  Together we encourage collaboration and connection between farmers, processors, manufacturers, and markets. We provide education and resources to all parts of the supply chain. With current projects focused on research, education and building consumer demand campaigns to help support and scale the industry. 

Vision:  American agricultural fueling a new carbon-based industrial revolution.

Mission:  To foster relationships between farmers, processors, manufactures and markets through collaboration towards building mutually beneficial agricultural based industries.

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Your tireless advocacy & passion is what the industry needs to open up to collaborating. Alliances are the only way iHemp will compete toe-to-toe with nylon, fiberglass, cotton, wood, & plastic.

Patrick Harrap, Founder, Canfiber Inc.

Yesterday, I sat in on your Carbon Sequestration discussion – my first GHA meeting. I left the meeting excited by the knowledge level of the participants and the cooperative spirit.

John Carpenter, President, BastLab LLC

The Global Hemp Association has become our “go-to” resource for all things HEMP! From regular webinars to networking opportunities, Mandi and her team are the definitive leaders in the hemp industry.

Ralf Kaiser, Director, Auka Capital Corp.

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