For Farmers. For the Planet. For our Future.

Help us grow awareness of hemp’s benefits today and for our future.

Hemp is a supercrop. We can avert climate crisis by re-establishing this once common agricultural crop.

We are Friends of Hemp, a 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to supporting the development of hemp as a sustainable, and regenerative commodity for farmers and a carbon negative product for consumers.

Studies show hemp is an effective crop to mitigate, and even reduce, greenhouse gas emissions. 

Products made from hemp sequester carbon and their life cycle analysis (LCA) show them to be carbon negative. Hemp is…

  • Fully compostable (at the home level)
  • A remediation crop for polluted soils
  • A superb oil absorbent
  • A healthy building material
  • A sustainable biofuel
  • Animal bedding
  • A source of durable comfortable clothing

And more.

But to achieve these benefits farmers need to grow industrial hemp. Grow fiber and grain hemp as part of a normal crop rotation

Our focus is on getting high quality seed into farmers hands. We fund seed trials and provide outreach for farmers, processors, and consumers on the benefits of hemp in everyday life.

Your Role in Hemp for the Future

Hemp has been “out of circulation” since 1937 and only brought back into cultivation in 2018 with the Farm Bill.

For all those years other agricultural crops have developed with seed testing and advanced breeding techniques. Hemp has some catching up to do. Like other agricultural crops farmers need to know the hemp seed they plant will provide an income for their families.

We are partnering with Global Hemp Association on hemp seed trials to take the risk out of farmers’ fields. The research now underway is filling in the knowledge gaps on variety performance in different climates and soils.

We’re answering the questions farmers have so they grow hemp and we consumers benefit from the healthy products produced.

Your role? Donate to Friends of Hemp to continue our seed trial research. With your donation we can further research, education, and advocacy of this versatile crop.

The Forefront of the New Agricultural Revolution

Hemp is used to make our clothes, food, homes, and much more. At Friends of Hemp, we are focused on research and education. Our programs support farmers’ efforts and create awareness. Hemp has the potential to mitigate many of the world’s worst climate issues.

Working Together International Partners

We at Friends of Hemp have partnered with The Global Hemp Association to encourage collaboration between farmers, processors, manufacturers, and markets. Through our partnership, education and resources are provided to all parts of the supply chain, not just in the United States but worldwide.


The Global Hemp Association has become our “go-to” resource for all things HEMP! From regular webinars to networking opportunities, Mandi and her team are the definitive leaders in the hemp industry.

Ralf Kaiser

Director, Auka Capital Corp.

Yesterday, I sat in on your Carbon Sequestration discussion – my first GHA meeting. I left the meeting excited by the knowledge level of the participants and the cooperative spirit.

John Carpenter

President, BastLab LLC

Your tireless advocacy & passion is what the industry needs to open up to collaborating. Alliances are the only way iHemp will compete toe-to-toe with nylon, fiberglass, cotton, wood, & plastic.

Patrick Harrap

Founder, Canfiber Inc.

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Friends of Hemp is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to awareness and advocacy of hemp.