CO2 Applications Relevant to the Hemp Industry

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Guest Speaker’s Background

Sam A. Rushing is a chemist and president of Advanced Cryogenics Ltd. He has a vast merchant and consulting experience to bring forward to the CO2 source or project.

Advanced Cryogenics, Ltd. is primarily a carbon dioxide consulting firm, which serves all source – types of raw and refined CO2. The company is supported by decades of carbon dioxide industry expertise. This carbon dioxide industry – related experience is twofold, from the merchant CO2 sector, and in the practice, and development of a dedicated CO2 consulting business.

Talking Points:
1. Review the CO2 merchant supply network and source types domestically.
2. Discuss/review crop growth enhancement via CO2 atmospheric enhancement.
3. Review CO2 supercritical cannabis/CBD extraction via CO2 as a premium solvent in the industry, v. agents such as hydrocarbon – based solvents


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