Carbon credits, a catalyst for the American hemp industry

Carbon credits, a catalyst for the American hemp industry

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Talking Points:
1.Carbon Credits
2.Carbon markets and prices
3.Upcoming regulations
4.How it can be used by hemp growers to speed up the expansion of the US market
5.Which practices can be set up to boost both carbon capture and plant growth (as to enhance this dynamic)

Guest Speakers:

Nathaniel LOXLEY is Augur Associates’ technical hemp expert and a founding Director of the British Hemp Alliance, a not-for-profit championing the agricultural and environmental opportunities for the crop. He has been growing hemp since 2015 and is project coordinator of the farmer-led field lab project which aims to measure the impact of hemp cultivation on soil health, carbon sequestration and biodiversity. This gives him first-hand experience in farming hemp to understand the challenges that farmers and the industry face.

He is also working alongside Cranfield University, other academics, farmers, and industry specialists to investigate the soil microbiome and its impact on production.

Benjamin-Alexandre JEANROY is CEO and cofounder of Augur Associates. He is a former consultant for the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) and the co-founder of the first cbd-hemp French professional union (Syndicat Professionnel du Chanvre – SPC), of the European and French chapters of LEAP (Law Enforcement Action Partnership), and of several drug policy reform civil-society lead initiatives in France.

Since 2016 he has worked towards creating bridges between actors involved around the Cannabis plan, notably through his political advisory and the editorial management of collaborative ground-breaking white papers.

Christophe NOURISSIER is head of sustainability at Augur Associates. After working as a green lobbyist and political advisor, he shifted to sustainability consulting and cofounded Augur ESG.

He developed a full life cycle monitoring of hemp production to fully measure and promote its positive impact on the environment (especially regarding phytoremediation, soil-nutrient restauration, carbon capture, protection of biodiversity, reduced erosion, water usage…) and its potential as a replacement for heavily polluting industries. He also works as an independent consultant helping innovative and green companies strengthen sustainable business models and navigate the voluntary carbon market.

Glyn MITCHELL, is an Augur Associate partner and founder of Carbon Farms. Through his work as a soil biologist and carbon farmer, he has specialised in holistic organic practices that allow for restored soil health and enhanced carbon capture. He has developed a high-quality carbon removal framework for hemp, using in situ microbial, nutrient and fungi measurements, industry-standard database technology to speed up verification, certification and registration.

Carbon Farm Hubs is involved in several projects supporting farmers, businesses and research projects to measure record, report and verify high-quality carbon removals, (HQCR) designed to help meet essential net-zero 2050 commitments to protect their interests and supply chains against the inevitable impacts of climate change.

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