At Friends of Hemp, our goal is to close the information gap for farmers. The research we fund helps farmers. Through our partnership with the Global Hemp Association, we work with independent research firms to conduct various trials. What we learn, we provide to farmers and the hemp industry.

These results help build a more stable supply chain critical for success at all stages of hemp production and distribution, now and into the future.

Partnership with Global Hemp Association

Since 2022, Friends of Hemp has partnered with the Global Hemp Association. Through this partnership, we join thousands of other hemp professionals and advocates worldwide who work toward exploring and expanding the benefits of hemp, from food to clothing and other uses.

Due to the limited availability of research-based data, the Global Hemp Association joined us at Friends
of Hemp to prioritize peer-reviewed hemp research in 2022. This research established a solid foundation
for quality hemp production.

But the work is not complete.

In agriculture weather, insects, and even seed variability all affect the outcomes of trials. As scientists and farmers, we know the results have to be verified with other years’ variables. In 2023 we are expanding our hemp research from fiber hemp to include grain hemp varieties.

Research is costly and your donation will help get fiber and grain hemp seeds into farmers’ hands faster. Thank you for being a friend of hemp.

Research Partners

The Global Hemp Association will conduct this research through Performance Crop Research, LLC, and the National Association of Independent Crop Consultants. The independent researchers and scientists in each of the six regions will conduct the research for this project.

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