National Fiber Variety Trials

Hemp is a promising and effective crop in  terms of climate change mitigation and  potential solution in offsetting greenhouse  gas emissions (GHG) and replacing less  efficient crops that are used for bioenergy  production. However, limited research has  been done in the United States to provide  accurate production information to farmers  on best management practices of hemp.  Also, there is limited research-based information on the agronomic performance  of many varieties that are currently  promoted to farmers. The evaluation of  different hemp varieties in different regions  in the US can provide the needed information about the suitability of these  varieties in different conditions and the  acceleration of their adoption within the  current cropping systems in the US and  Globally. In order to address this need or  gap in information, the Global Hemp  Association will work with an independent  research team in 2022 to conduct variety  trials to bridge research-based information  to farmers and the hemp industry. The  results will help build a sustainable supply  chain that is crucial for the success of hemp  businesses and pressing needs for our and  future generations. 


The Global Hemp Association (GHA) unites thousands of hemp professionals around the world who are working to explore and  expand the usage of hemp. The limited availability of research-based data / information that will serve the farmers and hemp industry nation-wide that can be  replicated and withstand peer-review, have caused the GHA to make it a priority in  2022. To allow the hemp industry to thrive  and progress, these variety trials are critically important to establish a solid  foundation for quality hemp production.  


There will be 10 research sites throughout 6  regions in the US (North, Central, South,  Midwest, East Coast, and West Coast). Each  research site has an area of approximately 400 square feet that contain 10 varieties that  will be used in each region. At each of the  10 research sites, field cooperators will: 

  1. Evaluate 10 major hemp varieties' performance across 6 US regions using comprehensive agronomic indicators, 
  2. Assess agronomic yield per variety based upon overall tonnage of the plant and, 3. Present accessible variety evaluation trial results to farmers, sponsors, and for educational efforts. 

Research Partners 

GHA will contract variety trails research  with Performance Crop Research, LLC, who  will work and coordinate research activities  with independent researchers/ scientists at  six regions in the US, these research entities,  who are members of the National Association of Independent Crop Consultant  (NAICC) will execute the research objectives of this project according to  protocol developed by the GHA Research  Committee.

The NAICC, founded in 1978, is the 501c(6)  national society of agricultural professionals  who provide research and advisory services  to clients. They have over 700 members  working from bases in 40 states and several  foreign countries and have expertise in most  crops grown around the world. 

Partnership with Global Hemp Association

RIVERTON, Utah, and LEXINGTON, Kentucky— Jan. 18, 2022 —
Global Hemp Association (GHA) and Friends of Hemp (FOH) are excited to announce the joining of forces to strengthen outreach and education about the many benefits of hemp and its products.

This collaboration strategically positions both organizations to better serve members and to expand research initiatives. GHA Founder and CEO Mandi Kerr said in a statement, “We are honored for this opportunity to be working with the Friends of Hemp and their amazing board of hemp industry leaders. Our alliance adds a 501c3 arm to strengthen GHA’s ability to collaborate and help foster a better understanding of hemp through outreach and research. Farmers are the heart of the industry and GHA wants to ensure they have credible data and resources needed. From resource planning through harvest and beyond, hemp variety seed trials will play a pivotal role to provide this data and why GHA is dedicated to such research initiatives.”

Mandi added “Together we have several projects in the works including sponsorship of the WAFBA Awards of Excellence Banquet at NOCO8 in Denver, Colorado and on farm education events spread across the nation to continue the effort to share reliable information on cutting edge technologies and resources within the industry.”

"In only a few years the Global Hemp Association has proven itself to be a leader in uniting the global hemp community and creating real connections and conversations that are much needed to push the industry forward worldwide. Friends of Hemp is excited about the opportunity to join forces in pursuit of creating research opportunities and educational campaigns that will propel this amazing plant and all of its potential into our future." Josh Hendrix added, Friends of Hemp President.

2022 Projects

Education & Events

Hemp for our Future 2.0 

A hemp normalization campaign dedicated to community education, online and offline, surrounding the diverse applications of hemp.


Hemp for our Future 


Hemp Feed Coalition

Served as a non-profit incubator for the Hemp Feed Coalition nonprofit to approve hemp raw materials as animal feed ingredients. The coalition has since formed its own 501(c)(3) nonprofit. 


Hemp Foods Cook-Off


Hemp Tap Takeover

Worked with local breweries to create hemp-based beers and hosted a community-wide tasting.



Hempcrete Workshop


Writing Competition

In collaboration with the Carnegie Center, hosted a creative writing competition for students to write about hemp

Farmer Seminars

In collaboration with University of Kentucky College of Agriculture and KYHIA, we hosted seminars to educate farmers how to transition to hemp.


Go Organic Seminar

One of our first initiatives for Friends of Hemp was hosting a seminar to teach farmers how to transition to organic with hemp.


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