Unity and Collaboration are key drivers that power Friends of Hemp. Our partners and associates come from locations across the globe. A shared planet that needs our help to mitigate climate change, in part with hemp. Friends of Hemp recognizes the challenges, needs, and opportunities within the hemp industry, and the importance of working together on this critical issue at hand. It is necessary to strengthen the hemp industry supply chain and each of the players involved now and in the future to make a meaningful impact.

Through our partnership with GHA, the premier hemp networking group, industry leaders gain access to top-tier research, potential board, advisory board, and committee appointments, form relationships and collaborate on projects focused on propelling the industry forward. This expanding network is made up of leaders, go-getters, and serious professionals ready to take this industry to the next level. Together we aim to build consumer demand, share leading edge education and resources for Farmers, Processors, Manufacturers and Distributors throughout the supply chain.

Meet the Board of Directors

Josh Hendrix, President

Annie Rouse, Secretary

Joe Hickey, Treasurer

Mandi Kerr, Executive Director