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Hemp is a promising and effective crop in terms of climate change mitigation and  potential solution in offsetting greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) and replacing less  efficient crops that are used for bioenergy production. However, limited research has  been done in the United States to provide accurate production information to farmers  on best management practices of hemp.  Also, there is limited research-based information on the agronomic performance of many varieties that are currently  promoted to farmers. The evaluation of different hemp varieties in different regions in the US can provide the needed information about the suitability of these varieties in different conditions and the  acceleration of their adoption within the current cropping systems in the US and  Globally. In order to address this need or gap in information, the Global Hemp Association & Friends of Hemp will work with an independent research team in 2022 to conduct variety  trials to bridge research-based information to farmers and the hemp industry. The results will help build a sustainable supply chain that is crucial for the success of hemp  businesses and pressing needs for our and future generations.

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