Unity and Collaboration are key drivers that power Friends of Hemp. Our partners and associates come from locations across the globe. A shared planet that needs our help to mitigate climate change, in part with hemp. Friends of Hemp recognizes the challenges, needs, and opportunities within the hemp industry, and the importance of working together on this critical issue at hand. It is necessary to strengthen the hemp industry supply chain and each of the players involved now and in the future to make a meaningful impact.

Through our partnership with GHA, the premier hemp networking group, industry leaders gain access to top-tier research, potential board, advisory board, and committee appointments, form relationships and collaborate on projects focused on propelling the industry forward. This expanding network is made up of leaders, go-getters, and serious professionals ready to take this industry to the next level. Together we aim to build consumer demand, share leading edge education and resources for Farmers, Processors, Manufacturers and Distributors throughout the supply chain.

Meet the Board of Directors

Josh Hendrix


A Kentucky native, Josh Hendrix relocated back to the Bluegrass state in 2014 on a mission to help build the US Hemp Industry from the ground up.  In 2015, he launched Hendrix Hemp, a licensed hemp producer that successfully managed cultivation and research for U.S. hemp companies for three years. Later in 2015, Mr. Hendrix accepted the role as Director of Business Development at CV Sciences where from 2015 to 2020, he helped grow revenue 463% over those years.  He is a founding member of the US Hemp Roundtable where he was elected to serve in 2019 as President of the Board of Directors and currently serves on the Board of Directors for the US Hemp Authority and as President of Friends of Hemp. Today, Mr. Hendrix is the Chief Growth Officer at DEX Sustainables and Senior Advisor to 7Points Group. As an established leader in the hemp industry, Mr. Hendrix has moved, and continues to move the entire industry forward with his efforts.

Mandi Kerr

 Executive Director

Mandi Kerr is the CEO and Founder of the Global Hemp Association, a non-profit organization dedicated to growing the Industrial Hemp industry by elevating standards and highlighting leaders through Broadcast Media. She’s interviewed over 200 industry professionals—an up-to-date library of what’s going on in the industry as it happens. A knowledge base that’s extensive and diverse. The key is relationships. Mandi brings farmers, manufacturers, and other industry experts together to strengthen the hemp supply chain and educate each other. With 10 years of sales, event promotion, marketing, and networking experience, she can identify and develop opportunities in an ever-evolving industry

Joe Hickey Sr.


Joe Hickey’s long history in the hemp industry started in 1992 as the founder and Executive Director of the Kentucky Hemp Growers Cooperative. Joe and Woody Harrelson established Tierra Madre, LLC in 1994 to focus on identifying and funding innovative technologies supporting environmental sustainability.

Fueled by the idea “to know the law, you have to test the law”, Joe’s passion to leave the world a better place led him to challenging Kentucky’s hemp law by strategizing with friend and actor/environmental activist Woody Harrelson and planting of four hemp seeds in the hills of Kentucky. This action would propel the reintroduction of hemp into the agricultural landscape of the United States and solidify Joe’s role as a Hemp Pioneer. In 2019, after more than 27 years of lobbying and research efforts, Joe Hickey became a founding member of Halcyon Holdings, Inc. Hickey is still on the board of the Kentucky Hemp Research Foundation and the Kentucky Hemp Industries Association, continuing to push the hemp industry forward with a revered passion.

Annie Rouse


Annie Rouse is the co-founder and board member of Friends of Hemp. She has spent the last 10 years building a sustainable supply chain for hemp as co-founder and COO of OP Innovates, a formulations company focused on improving cannabinoid bioavailability with its patented organic delivery system, Naturia+. She is also co-founder of the brands Overcome, Hemp Mellow and Anavii Market.

Annie earned a US Fulbright Scholarship to study the environmental life cycle of the Canadian hemp supply chain, received her BS in Economics and a Masters in International Environmental Policy and an MBA. In her free time, Annie is the writer and producer of her podcast series, Anslinger: The untold cannabis conspiracy – an interview-narration style podcast highlighting Big Pharma’s role in cannabis prohibition analyzed from 10 years of archival research. She is also the founder and Board Member of Friends of Hemp, a non-profit advancing the value of hemp by engaging our communities. She serves on the Board of Directors to the Hemp Industries Association, US Hemp Authority and US Hemp Roundtable. To explore more about Annie and her journey visit her blog, Think Hempy Thoughts.

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